• Sometimes you have to reach rock bottom…

    And I did.

    Not only was I overweight, but I was struggling with every aspect of my health. My nerves were shot. I had horrible PMS, migraines, food sensitivities, I was bloated and tired all the time..

    My goal these days is to change the face of women’s health, but let me tell you how I got to this point.

  • Vaseline on My Toast

    Growing up healthy should have been a breeze, having a Fitness Instructor & Weight loss Center manager for a Mom. It wasn’t as great as you might think though! Her health conscious behavior stemmed from a severe eating disorder and she constantly demonized food, and making comments like; “Why don’t you put a little more Vaseline (butter) on your toast?”

    It was drilled into my head that fat was the devil, and whole grain carbohydrates were the ultimate choice for health and weight management.  I bought into her low fat, high carb diet and excessive exercise regime.

    I loved the carbs like so many of us do and was a severe “carb addict” in high school. I had a terrible time with overeating and weight gain, so I turned to Bulimia, spending years making myself throw up in hopes that I would lose weight. From there, I spent the next 10 years trying everything from excessive exercise, low fat, high carb, Atkins, vegetarianism, vegan, portion control, HCG etc. I had an unhealthy obsession with food and how much I hated my body. I never did gain more then 5 -20 pounds of excess weight at one time. You might think “What the heck does she have to complain about!”  But anytime my weight fluctuated, I obsessed like it was 100’s of pounds, not just a few.

    After the birth of my daughter things got worse I developed severe hormone dysfunctions including estrogen dominance in the form of endometriosis, ovarian cysts, severe menstrual migraines that would last weeks at a time, insomnia, hypothyroidism and adrenal insufficiency. FUN!  Yes I was hot mess! My weight began to steadily climb and no matter what I did it wouldn’t stop.  I was beyond frustrated and kept doing what I was told to do; count calories, take supplements and exercise.

    Ditch the Calorie Counting!

    I finally realized that I had to stop starving myself and find the optimal way of eating for my body and also look further than food to see if there were other factors in my health problems.  Well after a lot of research and some trial and error I found the answer.

    I began eating a Paleo style diet which for me was the best style of eating I had ever come across! My blood sugar stabilized, my bloating decreased and my energy increased. The best part was I never had to calorie count again!

    I had to get my hormones in balance especially my thyroid and adrenal issues. I spent ten plus years with an undiagnosed thyroid issue which I realized was as the root of many of my problems.  Getting proper treatment for my thyroid was extremely challenging and it was thanks to my open minded naturopath Dr. Steven Jones and few key people like Elle Russ (The Paleo Thyroid Solution) and Paul Robinson (Recovering with T3) that I was finally able to get my thyroid working properly again.

    I also learned how to manage my stress, eradicate my inflammation and work on past issues; learning to love who I was and quit trying to be someone I wasn’t (this was not an easy road). In 2014 I graduated from The Institute of Transformational Nutrition (ITN) and began helping women to overcome weight loss resistance.

    Fast forward to 2019 I had premature ovarian failure, which means I was quickly heading into menopause at the ripe old age of 42! This, however, was a blessing in disguise as it sent me down the rabbit hole of peri and post menopause conditions. and I reversed my menopause and I am now on  a mission to help women sail through this time and reverse their hormone imbalances and depletion.

    I eventually went on to train at the Nutrition Coach Institute (NCI) and became a certified Hormone Specialist. NCI has one of the only Hormone Specialist programs where I also got my certification of completion for Mastering Thyroid and Mastering Gut Health.  Without even realizing it, it was combing all of these that helped me to finally heal my body.

    Where I Shine

    I clearly have a passion for nutrition & hormones but I have a few areas that I freaking shine in! Why? … Because I needed to heal my own issues which I did through endless amounts of research, education and trial and error. From there I took a liking to a few topics and then I went nuts on them and that nuttiness hasn’t stopped. I am an expert on these subjects because I have spent 1000’s of hours researching them, listened to countless podcasts from every expert in the business, took courses in them, read all the best books, seen the results with thousands of clients and now feel super confident to say that yes I am an expert on these particular things:

    • Bioidentical hormone therapy
    • Perimenopause and menopause
    • Estrogen dominance
    • Adrenal insufficiency
    • Thyroid conditions
    • Solving hormonal weight loss resistance
    • Helping women discover their weight loss code
    • Ancestral based nutrition (Paleo, Ketogenic)

    My coaching is not for everyone and if you are looking for another quick fix or for me to wave my magic wand then I recommend you look elsewhere.

    Now What?

    After experiencing an array of hormonal & perimenopausal symptoms myself, I quickly realized that there is a serious lack of consistent information available out there when it comes to this transition in women’s lives. The lack of quality information and help for peri & post menopausal women is astounding and incredibly disappointing. Women are often told to suck it up (maybe not in those exact words) and that it is “normal” to experience debilatating symptoms as they lose their hormones.

    Well I am here to tell you otherwise, there is no need to suffer AT ALL during this transition in your life. I provide women with accurate, evidence-based information and support regarding peri & post menopause, enabling them to make more informed choices about the management of their hormones and provide a better post menopausal quality of life.

    You do not have to suffer with waking in the night in a pool of sweat, a non existent libido, a 20 pound weight gain, dry hair and skin, sagging breasts, anxiety, depression, emotional instability the list goes on! There is a solution to these pesky and often times crushing symptoms. I offer a number of different coaching options to meet your price point and solve your hormonal & weight loss challenges.

    Three things I want you to know as you approach menopause:

    1. Every woman goes through the menopause – with over 80% suffering from debilitating symptoms.
    2. Psychological symptoms are extremely common they are just not talked about enough.
    3. Natural hormone replacement is much safer than women realize and statistics prove you are better off to replace hormones’ then not– you are much more likely to develop cancer through excessive alcohol intake or being obese.

    Coaching Solutions to your Peri & Post Menopause Transition

  • Find out which hormones are stopping you from losing weight