• Karen Martel

    I am a Certified Hormone Specialist & Transformational Nutrition Coach and women’s weight loss expert.

    After experiencing an array of hormonal & perimenopausal symptoms myself, I quickly realized that there is a serious lack of consistent information available out there when it comes to this transition in women’s lives. The lack of quality information and help for peri & post-menopausal women is astounding and incredibly disappointing. Women are often told to suck it up (maybe not in those exact words) and that it is “normal” to experience debilitating symptoms as they lose their hormones.

    Well, I am here to tell you otherwise, there is no need to suffer AT ALL during this transition in your life. I provide women with accurate, evidence-based information and support regarding peri & post menopause, enabling them to make more informed choices about the management of their hormones and provide a better pre and post-menopausal quality of life.

    Read my full my story here.

  • Jessica Brennan

    I am a Certified Hormone and Health Coach, and Personal Trainer.

    I started in the fitness industry about 10 years ago as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. Soon after, I realized that helping people reach their health goals was a lot more than just how much you move your body, but also about what you eat, how you sleep and how you manage your stress levels. This motivated me to get a nutrition, hormone specialist and gut health specialist certification so Icould help people tackle their health issues from a foundational perspective. I firmly believe that health optimization is not only found just by changing things in your lifestyle, but also your mindset and realizing that health is a continuous journey of educating yourself.

    I work alongside Karen and together we are determined to bring our expertise to women around the world. I am an expert on body building, women’s hormone health, personalized nutrition, peptide therapy and chronic illness.

    I look forward to helping you to reach your health goals!


  • Pam Sherman

    I have been a coach for 24+ years, starting as a group exercise instructor and personal trainer.

    After struggling with my own weight issues, I started strength training in 2014 and have never looked back.

    I help empower women to lose weight and gain confidence. I want everyone to feel great in their own skin!

    Your body is the most amazing thing you will ever own. Love it. Embrace it. Fuel it well. You have only one life in which to feel your best. As a certified instructor and coach for over 20 years, I’ve helped many clients discover the right balance of exercise, food, and motivation for their very busy lives.

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