• It’s Rarely Just About the Diet

    If you are here I am guessing you have been trying to lose weight for what seems to be a lifetime.

    You eat relatively well, you exercise and yet your body won’t lose a pound!

    Welcome to the frustrating world of weight loss resistance!

    I spent years hopping from one diet to the next, exercising and starved and I only continued to gain weight! For some women it’s not as easy as “eat this eat that”  we have to go beyond food and exercise in order to lose weight!

    In my one on one coaching sessions I will help you discover YOUR weight loss code. Exactly what it is your body needs to finally unlock that stubborn weight!

    YES this is possible! Hear what others have to say about finding their weight loss code…

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  • “In 8 weeks I’ve lost 8 lbs and 11 inches, I have lots of energy since starting the program! I don’t feel deprived at all which is what I love the most about this program. I just love Karen’s easy going personality and ideas about nutrition are just so different than the typical calorie counting methods I’ve tried in the past. It works! It’s so different from other things I’ve tried and I just feel so much better. I’m losing the excess weight I’ve put on over the years, and I’m not starving doing it! I feel great! Thank you Karen!!” Lori

    “I tell everyone who will listen about Karen and her programs. I have seen first hand how much it has changed my life, and there is no denying that it works!” Janet

    ” I’m still feeling really great… my skin has never looked better and I continue to have people ask me what I’m doing….to get there and noticing a difference in me. I feel like I have taken a little bit of my life back…. and that little bit of life is propelling me forward… I just wanted to say a big thank you to you. I’ve never really believed in myself… never thought I could lose the weight. But you believed in me and helped me…. I’m extremely grateful.” Tracy

    “I have tried in the past what most likely any other 30 something female has tried in regards to weight loss, exercise program, latest fad etc. The problem with all previously mentioned trials and programs was continuing efforts and maintenance. This brings me to Karen. I heard about her through word of mouth and figured I had nothing to loose.

    Overall I lost 10 pounds in 30 days, and have gained about 50% more energy in day to day living. This lifestyle really does feel sustainable and I will continue to work with Karen in the future.” Kelsey Bhatti

    “Not only do I have more energy, less joint pain, and almost zero cravings, I’ve lost 18 lbs and I’ve been off of my meds for 3 weeks!!! I will definitely be sticking with this and trying to introduce a few things back, but it’s really working for me.” Lexy Bartley

  • How I have helped 1000’s of women find their weight loss code

    Understand what’s going on – what issues, life circumstances, health problems may be blocking you from reaching your goals. This includes an in-depth health analysis.

    Coaching – helping you every step of the way! You will have expert guidance and accountability in how to discover YOUR weight loss code. You will finally be able to unlock that stubborn weight without pain or starvation (YES THAT IS POSSIBLE).

    Addressing and shattering the limiting behaviour that stops you from following through on the goals you set for yourself. For this, I draw from tools that I have created, to shift your repeated patterns so you are able to finally have lasting transformation.

  • Customized Program

    Unlike 95% of dieting programs I DO NOT have a one size fits all approach. I will create a customized protocol to me your specific needs.

    • Customized plan to unlock the stubborn weight and get your body back!
    • Easy to follow meal plans with recipes and shopping lists.
    • Lifestyle, lab tests and supplement recommendations to enhance your results.
    • Accountability and guidance to feel supported every step of the way.


  • Book Your Session

    Initial session is $175 for 75 minutes

    Follow up visits are 30-60 minutes $65-$100 depending on what we decide is appropriate for you.


    • 3 month membership in the OnTrack group.
    • 1 initial 60 minute session that will include an in-depth analysis.
    • 1 full hormone panel through ZRT labs. We will test for Estradiol, Progesterone, 4 point Cortisol, DHEA, Testosterone. (Thyroid testing available for an extra cost). Testing can be done in the comforts of your home.

    Upon gathering the necessary information, I will then take a comprehensive approach to your case, addressing all of your needs so you can feel better immediately, but also find long-term resolution.

    Once we have your hormone results in I will create a customized protocol for you that will include nutrition, lifestyle, mindset, and supplement recommendations.

    2- 30 minute follow up accountability coaching sessions. These private coaching sessions are done monthly to support you through your transformation.

    Price: $550

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