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    Identifying and properly treating reverse T3 with Elle Russ

    Circadian T3 method and pituitary dysfunction with Paul Robinson

    The six pillars to addressing Hashimotos disease with Marni Wasserman

    Alternative treatments and causes of hypothyroidsim with Dr. Gary Foresman

    Parasitic infections and hypothyroidism with Dr. Todd Watts

    The Truth Behind Hormone Labs and Perfecting Treatment with McCall McPherson

  • Host of The Other Side of Weight Loss

    Karen Martel is a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and leading expert in women’s hormone health and weight loss. Founder of the OnTrack women’s hormone balancing and weight loss program.  Host of the popular podcast/videocast The Other Side of Weight Loss and the cohost to the 2018 Women’s Empowerment Summit.

    After struggling with an undiagnosed thyroid issue for over 10 years, Karen was determined to bring her knowledge to others with a bold new approach to women’s health and weight management. Karen’s passion lies in helping women breakthrough weight loss resistance, recover from hypothyroidism and find their personal weight loss code through nutrition, breaking through emotional blocks, hormone optimization, and managing stress.

    Karen is a health leader and researcher determined to revolutionize weight loss for modern women.

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