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    • Yes, there are millions of ketogenic diets to choose from.
    • Yes, keto is pretty simple: it’s a very low carb diet.
    • Yes, you can easily do it on your own.

    But will you succeed?

    There comes a time in a woman’s life when suddenly eating right and exercising isn’t enough anymore. As we age our hormones begin to fluctuate some going up and some going down. 
    If there is hormone imbalance it makes weight loss challenging.
    Signs of hormonal imbalance in your body include
    • weight gain
    • belly fat 
    • emotional instability 
    • fatigue
    • lowered sex drive
    • brain fog
    • depression
    • cycle dysregulation
    • insomnia
    Just to name a few!


    “I thoroughly enjoyed the information, Karen is easy to listen to and follow, and she takes the “science-feel” out of the technical stuff.Tracy Larlee
  • It's Time to "DIET" Differently

    If you just read that list above and thought to yourself “check, check, check” then it’s time you dieted differently!
    In the Intro to Keto for Women’s Hormone Health, I take you through my step by step process to learn the amazing benefits of the ketogenic diet and how to balance your hormones.
    If you don’t address your hormone health it will be very challenging for you to lose weight and feel your best!


  • The ONLY Intro to Keto Course that will teach you how to optimize your hormone health!

    This program is for women who

    • are interested in the ketogenic diet or need help fine-tuning their current keto diet.
    • have symptoms of hormonal imbalances
    • have a known or suspected thyroid issue
    • are ready to get off the yoyo dieting train for good
    • want to know how to optimize their weight loss results by combining hormone balancing with the fastest growing diet in North America
    • are ready for a shift in how they approach dieting
    • want a plan built for women
    • don’t want to spend $100’s of dollars on a program
    • want quality information in the shortest amount of time
  • So grateful for this program, I have learned a lot. I believe that this has not only helped me improve my body, but it's saved my sanity. Struggling with menopausal symptoms and hormones really does a number on your mind. This program not only helps you understand what's happening but also gives you the understanding that you're not alone. Thank you Karen
    Patty Smith
  • Intro to Keto for women includes:

    • 21 day Keto induction meal plan with recipes and shopping list. (MACROS DONE FOR YOU!)
    • My Keto start-up eBook with everything you need to know to get started on the right foot.
    • The Ultimate Hormone Questionnaire to help you discover which hormones are out of balance.
    • The Ultimate Guide to Balancing Your Hormones eBook
    • Three information-packed videos on the basics of the Ketogenic diet.
    • Three information-packed videos on how to balance your hormones for optimal weight loss results.
    • Supplement recommendations for hormone health.
    • What labs are best to determine the state of your hormones.
    • How to properly test your thyroid and how to test your thyroid from home with no lab work!
    • How to modify the ketogenic diet when you have an existing thyroid issue, including Hashimoto’s.
    • How to modify the ketogenic diet when you have compromised adrenals.
    • How to bust through weight loss plateaus on the keto diet.
    • The three key factors every woman needs to address for the ultimate success on the keto diet.
    • How to SAFELY use fasting to help you reverse insulin resistance and optimize your weight loss results!
    • Access to a private Facebook group for support.
  • BONUS #1

    Get my Keto Snack Recipe Ebook with 20 keto based snack ideas and recipes!

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    The Ultimate Guide to Fasting

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    21 Day Summer Slim Down Workout Program

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    The Ultimate Guide to Sleep

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  • "I feel like I'm in control again. My brain is more clear, I have energy that lasts throughout the day and no longer have highs and lows. I've learned to focus my energy on food that nourishes instead of trying to losing weight or counting calories and macros."
    Teresa Grant
  • Karen Martel CTNC

    Join me Karen Martel Transformational Nutrition Coach and expert in women’s weight loss and hormone health!
    If you are like most women, you’re going to realize very quickly that my approach to weight loss is unique. You will see that this is not like the majority of other keto diet programs.

    I want you to imagine a different dieting outcome

    • Your ketogenic diet is no longer a short term diet but a lifestyle YOU LOVE!
    • When you hop on the scale the weight is actually coming off!
    • You have control over your choices and your body.
    • You stepped off the hormonal roller coaster and your mood is finally steady.
    • Your sex drive….well there’s actually a DRIVE. The side effect; a better connection with your partner.
    You know 100% you have burned the dieting wagon for life! You feel confident, in control and inspired!
    Are you ready to take this chance?
    Read more about me and what I do here!
  • Read what others have to say about Intro to Keto for Women!

    "During the challenge, I lost 9 pounds. You are not just about the eating it is an overall look at your self and figuring out your body and what you need to do. You are amazing. So easy to talk to and have so so much knowledge about women and their bodies."
    Joanne McDaniel
    - BC
    "You are in it for people and their success. It's not about having the masses follow a program to the T > you can adapt and do what works for your body. It's not cookie cutter!"
    - Kamloops BC
    I’ve struggled with hormone issues the last year and always love Karen’s advice and vast variety of information she covers. I loved the program!
    Gena Amelia
    "You know your SHIT!!! You offered recipes that were absolutely delicious, you explained everything thoroughly and made yourself available if need be. I look forward to continuing this journey with your On Track Program! This is just the beginning of a new lifestyle for me and I have you to thank you for it! This was an amazing experience and I'm glad I tried it. "
    Sherri Bratten
    - Kamloops BC
    "For the first time in four years, I haven't had abdominal pain and bloating!"
    Diane Tetz
    - BC
    "I have so much more energy and lost 12 pounds. I am not tired at the end of the day even after work and family time."
    Jennifer Yewchyn
    "I lost 10 pounds! Your meal plans are easy to use. I used to sleep 12+ hours a day or more, either all at once or overnight plus napping during the day, if life and time allowed, and still felt exhausted. Now it is more like 8-10 hrs and I don't feel like I am dragging my butt all day!"
    Luan Willets
    I have a better understanding of hormones, lost about 5 lbs. It’s made me want to stay with the plan. I feel so much better.
    Linda Todd
    "It will change the way you see a diet. Love the idea of no calorie counting and intermittent fasting. Thank you so much for this opportunity with the fastest results I've ever had! I now have a brighter outlook on meal planning and making healthy choices."
    Brandee Engel
    "You are always there, supporting, encouraging and offering great advice. This is a program that is doable for a lifetime. I also love that you work on the mental health part too. It's not just about the food."
    Debbie Isenor
    - BC
    I loved some of the recipes and will keep using them. I liked not having to plan or think about what to make just followed the meal guide and was easily able to substitute things that weren’t my fav. Loves the video info sessions. Was very happy with the program and felt I got my money’s worth for it. Thank you!
    Kathleen McNeil
    My favorite aspects of the program are how easy it is to follow. How “doable “ it is. Never hungry. The variety of the menus. Everything feels better. Awesome program!
    Colleen Norman
     I joined as I wanted to lose weight and learn more about how my hormones were impacting my weight loss. I lost 5lbs and am beginning to feel like I have more energy!
    Kara Ballard
    I lost 6 lbs and have more energy. So easy to follow with delicious recipes! I think Karen is very smart, has been in our shoes, lots of good information. Great recipes and handy shopping list.
    Anne Santos
    Thank you for being so knowledgeable! Your podcasts and this program have changed my life. For the first time ever I feel this is a sustainable way to live. I feel 100% less bloated, no more heart burn or gastro intestinal issues and my inflammation has reduced and I lost 7 lbs.

    Adina Turner
    I now have a plan of what to get tested, and what to do from that testing in order to get my body to cooperate again. I thoroughly enjoyed the information, Karen is easy to listen to and follow, and you take the “science-feel” out of the technical stuff.

    Tracy Larlee
    I am so grateful for this program I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Over the three weeks I lost 3 lbs, and 6 inches. I loved the variety in the meal plans, I have not been hungry at all. I have a much better understanding of hormones and have started implementing the suggestions. I believe that this has not only helped me improve my body, but its saved my sanity. This program not only helps you understand what's happening but also gives you the understanding that you are not alone.

    Patty Smith
  • If the only thing you got from the Intro to Keto was

    • a better understanding of how to effectively lose weight, it’d be worth it!
    • how to utilize the keto diet for ultimate health, it’d be worth it!
    • balanced hormones, it’d worth it!
    • a community of like-minded women to lean on, it’d be worth it!

    Not only does the Intro to Keto program provide each of those things, but it also provides much more!

  • I started doing Keto in January 2018 and did well with it and lost some weight but did not stick with it.  For some reason, this time around I feel that Keto is working better and I feel very confident that I will reach my goals.  I attribute this to what I have learned from your program Intro to Keto for Women's Hormone Health.  Thank you!
    Corene Jensen
  • Don’t let this happen to you…

    • Spend the rest of your life hating your body and searching for a magic weight loss cure that doesn’t exist.
    • Continue gaining weight especially around the belly.
    • Lose your motivation in life and feel hopeless and down.
    • Accept that this is your destiny: to be fat, foggy and miserable.


  • Week 1

    • Introduction to the ketogenic diet
    • Meal planning made easy (including how to navigate the meal plans for other family members!)
    • Introduction to the female hormonal system 
    • Macro counting made easy
    • Who keto is for and who it is NOT for
    • Supplements to ease your transition into being a fat burner


    Week 2

    • Common mistakes made on the keto diet
    • The #1 hormones that cause weight loss resistance
    • How to adjust the keto diet to specific hormone imbalances including hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism, estrogen dominance, peri-menopause, PCOS, insulin resistance and adrenal insufficiency
    • Best lab tests for hormones
    • At home hormone testing (includes hormonal self-assessment questionnaire)
    • The three key factors (besides hormones) that every woman needs to address for the ultimate success on the Keto diet

    Week 3

    • Troubleshooting weight loss on the keto diet
    • My top weight loss hacks
    • My top supplement and lifestyle recommendations for hormonal imbalances
    • How to asses your results
    • Where to go from here 
  • A message from Karen


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  • Find out which hormones are stopping you from losing weight


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