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  • Choose your primal plan and get ready to simplify your healthy eating habits and lose weight!

    • Take the work out of what to shop, prep, and cook each week with our one of kind primal weekly meal plans.
    • No more scouring the internet for recipes.
    • No more making three + different meals at dinner to appease family members.
    • No more complicated recipes that cost a fortune to make.
    • No more calorie counting or carb counting.
    • No crazy diets anymore. 

    At My Primal Plan kitchen, we take all the guesswork out of “What’s for dinner tonight!” These recipes the whole family will love! Each of our recipes have been thoughtfully created by certified nutritionists to help you lose weight and eat right on a primal based diet. 

  • With our weekly primal meal plans you get:

    • Your choice of two different meal plans Paleo or Keto
    • Macros done for you and included in each meal plan! (proper Ketogenic macros)
    • Meal plans consist of one serving for breakfast, lunch and snacks and four servings for dinner to accommodate family members.
    • Sundays on the Keto plan is an optional carb-up day
    • Delicious, healthy, primal based recipes!
    • New recipes added weekly.
    • Printable plans and weekly shopping lists are done for you.
    • Food lists for each primal plan.
    • Your cheat sheet to navigating the meal plans and making substitutions.
    • Proper calorie and macro cycling to help you optimize your weight loss results!
    • Once a week you get a primal based dessert recipe!

    Memberships ON SALE NOW starting at only $9 a month!

  • Who is this for

    • If you have been trying to follow a primal based meal plan and want easy to cook meals that even the family will love then it’s for you!
    • You are interested in losing weight or recovering from a health problem.
    • You love having new recipes!
    • You are new to the primal way of eating and want to do it RIGHT!
    • You want someone else to take care of the macros, especially for the Ketogenic diet.

    • 21 Day Intro to the Carnivore Diet (value $20)Includes a 3-week meal plan. This can be used to sample out the carnivore plan or simply used for a 3-week reboot!
    • Intro to the Ketogenic diet eBook (value $20)Everything you need to get started on the keto diet!
    • How to Guide for Mom’s Following a Keto DietHow to adjust your keto meal plans to make them family friendly!
    • Sweet Spot Recipe eBook (value $10)Gluten free, dairy free recipes that should hit the spot when you need something sweet!
    • Dips, Dressing and Paleo Mayo Recipe eBook (value $20)
    • SNACKS Recipe eBook (value $20) 20 delicious gluten free healthy snack ideas and recipes!
    • Summertime Sweet Treats Recipe eBook. (value $15)

    Over $100 in FREE bonuses!

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  • Paleo

    A paleo diet is based on foods similar to what might have been eaten during the Paleolithic era, which dates from approximately 2.5 million to 10,000 years ago.

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    A keto or ketogenic diet is a paleo based, low-carb, high-fat diet. It promotes the metabolic formation of ketone bodies by causing the body to use fat (rather than carbohydrate) as its principal energy source.

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    Memberships on sale now starting at only $9 a month!

  • What our members are saying!

    "I never knew eating healthy could be so good but I am hooked. This is just the beginning of a new lifestyle for me and I have you to thank you for it! This is an amazing experience and I'm glad I tried it.
    Sherri Bratten
    - Kamloops
    "I look forward to the weekly meal plans and the delicious recipes."
    Audra Funk
    - Kamloops
    "Taking the guess work out of what I should have for dinner and knowing that my daily intake has been calculated for me is a huge plus."
    Lois S.
    - Kamloops
    "I feel like I'm in control again. I can see how much better I feel eating real food. My brain is more clear, I have energy that lasts throughout the day and no longer have highs and lows. "
    Teresa Grant
    " I am down 10lbs since starting. Your food list and menu is so attainable, no crazy stuff you have to go hunting for. "
  • What Makes My Primal Plan Different

    • Family-friendly

    As a mother myself I know how hard it is to accommodate children and partners that may not eat the way we do. My Primal Plans are family-friendly and can easily be added to for non-primal eaters. As well dinners are always set to four servings.


    • Macro cycling

    Did you know that eating the same calories and macro amounts will make your weight stall? It is important to constantly be changing the amounts you are eating. In My Primal Plans, we rotate the amounts to help optimize your weight loss results.


    • Carb ups

    Women are built differently than men and we are prone to hormonal imbalances. Many women following a ketogenic diet eventually stall or have adrenal and or thyroid issues become worse. Doing a carb up day once a week can help prevent these issues from happening. In the My Primal Keto plan, we offer every Sunday as an optional carb up day.


    • Intermittent Bullet Proof fasting days

    Each week we incorporate three days of Bullet Proof intermittent fasting in the keto meal plan. Intermittent fasting is an integral part of the ketogenic diet that can help optimize weight loss results. Following the Bullet Proof Fasting protocol, you can safely fast without hurting your hormones.
  • Karen Martel Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach

    Hi, I am Karen Martel, certified nutrition coach and primal expert! After years struggling with my own health issues, I discovered the primal way of life and never looked back!
    After working with 1000’s of women I realized that knowing what to eat and having delicious meals made all the difference in their ability to succeed.
    I know that eating healthy primal meals is sustainable and has a huge impact on lasting weight loss and health. I hope you enjoy these primal recipes as much as my family and I have.


    Read more about me here. 
  • FAQ

    • YES, we show macros however please note they are not always exact as the database does not account for certain foods.

    • No. We offer you a free sample meal plan so that you know what our meal plans are like prior to purchasing.

    • No problem you can login to your account and click on subscriptions. You can choose to upgrade your subscription and it will be prorated depending on where you are in your current membership.

    • We offer you substitution guideline’s that will tell you how to make substitutions in the meal plan.

    • Once registered you will receive an email from me within a few minutes with your first week’s meal plan! You will receive links to all of your bonuses. From there you will receive weekly meal plans every Friday morning so you can get prepared over the weekend.

    • Yes. All of the meal plans are recurring memberships. You must cancel your membership to stop the automatic payments. You can cancel anytime by logging into your account and clicking cancel it’s that easy!

    • The meal plans are geared towards weight loss and eating a balanced diet. Weight loss will depend on each individual and where they are at. The good news is I am an expert on weight loss and you can access that information on my podcast, store and website.

    • My Primal Plan does not offer customized plans. However if you are looking for something specifically for you I suggest booking a private one on one coaching session which includes a personalized meal plan.

    • I highly recommend using the meal plans loosely. Meaning, take which recipes you want and either use your own in conjunction, go out to eat on certain nites and/or repeat recipes to keep it simple. The meal plans DO NOT have to be followed exactly nor do you need to eat everything that is on there. We all have different appetites and specific needs for our bodies.

    • If you have questions in regards to the meal plan please email me anytime at karen@karenmartel.com. If you have questions related to your health you will need to book an appointment or join the group coaching program OnTrack.



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