"Hi Karen, I am one of your On Track members. I just want to tell you how impressed I am with your program. I love getting your recipes every week and I am so enjoying your guest speakers and the diversity in your subjects. You are so interesting to listen to and have such a motivational way about you.  I love the hub and how you can go back and look things up. You are always moving forward and keeping things interesting. I know this must take so much energy on your part. I just want you to know you are awesome and I appreciate you every day!" Darcy
ON TRACK - Getting there and staying there!
  • Knowing what to eat to lose weight doesn't have to be a frustrating experience.
  • Say goodbye to crash diets and gaining all the weight back.
  • You can feel confident, supported and inspired to lose weight with healthy eating and the top weight loss tools.
  • Get the whole family involved with delicious easy to follow meal plans everyone will love!
Download your FREE sample meal plans your choice of: Paleo, Ketogenic, Autoimmune or Basic Healthy Eating.*
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*All prices in Canadian dollars.
Hi Karen. I just want to send you a note to say Thank you!  I want you to know  that I get so much from your program and your challenges. I look forward to the weekly meal plans and the delicious recipes. You have allowed me to jump out of my cooking comfort zone and try new things which are all easily made and delicious! You have also given me a lot of things to think about in terms of myself, in all aspects. It is a lot to digest! I have and live a wonderfully, amazing and blessed life with very loving and supportive people, but I think I have learned with your help that I need to work on my relationship with myself. If I can be a little more patient and accepting of myself then every other aspect of my life will be that much more amazing! I have also realized that the fear or change is definitely what keeps me in my holding pattern. I signed on to the On Track program for meal plans and ideas on weight loss and hormones but I have gotten so much more! So I just wanted to thank for your real, caring, down to earth approach. I look forward to sitting down to watch your interviews and your Q and A's . It feels like I am sitting down one on one with you. It's like a private coaching session from the comfort of home:) Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your passion. " Audra
With the On Track membership you get:
Weekly Meal Plan with Recipes

Every week you will have your choice of meal plans;

  • Paleo

No grain, legumes or dairy. Perfect for anyone wanting to shed weight, lower inflammation, balance hormones and correct digestive issues. Family friendly and delicious, easy to prepare meals.

  • Ketogenic

No grain or legumes and small amounts of dairy. Low carb, high fat diet perfect for shedding large amounts of weight, lowering inflammation, correcting digestive issues, gaining mental clarity and eliminating sugar addiction.  Family friendly and delicious easy to prepare meals. Bonus: Access to the "Ketogenic Quick Start Guide".

  • Autoimmune

No dairy, grain, legumes, eggs, night shades, nuts and seeds. Perfect for anyone suffering with an autoimmune condition, hypothyroidism, inflammation and/or skin disorders. Family friendly and delicious easy to prepare meals.

  • Basic Healthy Eating

Gluten free, whole foods diet. Perfect for improving healthy eating habits and losing weight. Family friendly and delicious easy to prepare meals.


All meal plans will include recipes and shopping lists so you can get prepared for your week!

Group Coaching Sessions

Every other week join me and other like minded women in an online Q&A coaching session.

Maybe you feel like you’re stuck in a health rut, and you need motivation. Maybe you feel like you're on the hormonal roller coaster and can't get off! Maybe you’re struggling to lose weight and are tired of all the quick fix diet schemes. You will get step-by-step guidance, personal support, accountability—and resources to help you get to where you want to be in your health journey. You don’t need to struggle on your own anymore!

Private On-Line Community
Every month I broadcast interviews with various health professionals. Guest speakers will be a range of alternative health practitioners, nutritionists, personal trainers, life coaches and more. The goal of these interviews will be for you to receive another valuable tool in your tool box to help you stay on track!
Guest Speakers

Connect with other Trackers around the world for accountability and moral support in my private Facebook community.

Mini Challenges
Choose to participate in group challenges held through out the year to help keep you motivated! For example: - Three week hormone detox - Keto blast - Mid-Summer Detox
Monthly Themes

It's not just about the food we put in our mouth that can effect our health. Which is why each month we explore different topics like; emotional eating habits, stress reduction, mind body connection, , spirituality, DIY projects and more.


"So I may have seen my scale dip south of the 90's this morning. The best thing however is how much I am loving my eating - I am blown away with the freedom I feel knowing I don't have to count calories or keep a strict regime. I am excited about the food and I am learning so much about how to include clean eating into our lives. My husband is enjoying the dinners (in fact I am including the kids now too - I waited to be sure but it is much easier for me if we are all eating the same dinner :) I am so very grateful to have stumbled on to your name Karen - and for this group. Thank you." Krina

"You are my shining nutritional star/guru! Having recipes, meal plans and guidance has made my life so much easier! The On Track program works, having that daily motivation, accountability and resource is what has helped me feel and be successful. I have lost 11 pounds so far! I enjoy working with you and your programs and the affordability of them! I also love how you are always thinking of your clients." Stephanie Hampton
"If you want knowledge, confidence and options that are full of healthy alternatives and answers to your health issues then see Karen. Karen’s program/recipes has opened a world of possibilities. When you feel trapped in calorie-counting or calorie restricted diet you feel tired, lousy and you fail. But Karen has given me options that made me feel good and satisfied.” Christina
Life can get much easier
Every week you are going to be set with your grocery list in hand to make all of your meals for the week.
When you feel like you're getting stuck in a rut - no problem! Opt-in to do one of the many mini challenges that will be held through out the year like my Spring Liver Cleanse program or Hormone Detox and Reset Challenge.
Need extra help with your hormones or other womanly issues like; low sex drive, weight loss resistance, menopause etc. Don’t fret - I hold live Q&A and coaching sessions where you can ask me all your questions and I will answer them. Not only that, every month I will be hosting interviews with other health professionals such as; personal trainers, naturopaths, nutritionists, life coaches and more.

It’s not just about food either. Every month we explore different topics such as meditation, law of attraction, sexuality, self development and fun DIY projects.

The program is ongoing and you can join anytime and leave anytime. Membership prices start at only $12.50 a month!

"The changes for me occurred within 3 days, nothing I have ever tried ( workout plans, cleanses etc)has given me those kinds of results. I lost a total of 16 pounds and 6 inches and regained about 50% more energy! My attitude is better and so in turn I am easier/ happier to be around. My body doesn’t hurt daily and there is WAY less complaining. I enjoyed every aspect of working with Karen, I would do it again and continue to this day to recommend her to anyone who asks. We as women need to take responsibility for our own personal health and working with her is one of the steps that everyone should take. Working with Karen she was easy to talk to, share with, and she listened to me. I hadn’t tried anything like this program.” Tanya Le Clair
Group Coaching Benefits
  • Access to me, a certified nutrition coach, for a fraction of the cost.
  • Surround yourself with other women facing similar challenges.
  • Learn new goal-setting, action planning, stress management and other techniques.
  • Gain motivation from coaching and group support.
  • Brainstorm solutions in a group environment.
  • Celebrate your successes with the rest of your tribe members.
  • Create accountability so you can get shit done!
  • Benefit from the collective wisdom of the group.
Registration is on-going so you can join anytime!
"My pain is almost completely gone. My cholesterol has dropped significantly. My energy has increased significantly. My knowledge of my body’s digestive system and how to care for it is growing. Oh – and I’ve lost 11 lbs – throughout the holiday season at that! The most important thing Karen has given me besides hope is answers. I know that I can mess up and eat something that I shouldn’t but it’s okay. I know what to do now to get back on track and feeling better again. Karen is there to support me and remind me that I’ve had a hard enough road without beating myself up for small mistakes. Karen is focused on making people feel their best. She isn’t focused on just weight loss. Her knowledge far exceeds how to lose weight. If you need advice on any sort of health concern or issue, go talk to Karen. You won’t regret it!” Kim Livingstone
"OMG, I can't even describe how much you have helped me.. all of it, easier, happier and def more enjoyable. The stress of thinking what to cook and how much is gone. I am thrilled with the menu. I am down 10 lbs since starting. You are “real” , if you get what I mean. You have been through it all and know what it is like and you give us real food to make without crazy ass ingredients we wouldn't normally eat. Your food list and menu is so attainable, no crazy stuff you have to go hunting for and very importantly, you use the left overs, so you aren't cooking something every single night. And I can't believe how affordable it is. I love your informative videos that you do and the guests that you bring on. You are very knowledgeable and have a passion for you job and helping people. You will go above and beyond to try to figure out what works to make you feel better. Thank you! " Heather
"Taking the guess work out of what I should have for dinner and knowing that my daily intake of protein, carbs, fiber etc. has been calculated for me is a huge plus. Following a menu I’m less likely to hit a fast food restaurant on my way home from work. I like that you have your own program and various diets to follow with eating whole foods. You make eating healthy easy and accessible to anyone. Your question and answer segments are informative and I like that you reach out to other professionals that are involved in healthy eating. With a little effort, you have made eating healthy easy. Whatever diet a person chooses its all laid out for the week. Every member of the family can enjoy the recipes." Lois Sirup