• It’s time to get off the hormonal rollercoaster, lose the stubborn weight & stay OnTrack

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  • Let me guess you are at an age where suddenly weight loss is not so easy anymore?

    You have put on any where from 10-25 pounds which seems to all be in your belly!
    Not only that you are experiencing a number of the following symptoms:

    • Irregular menses – one month it’s 5 days early the next it’s 2 weeks late.
    • Hot Flashes – red, hot face pouring in sweat. Super attractive!
    • Night sweats – waking up feeling like you peed the bed because the sheets are soaked in your sweat. Such a turn on for your partner.
    • Weight gain – AKA muffin top and the oh so lovely jelly belly. Yoga pants have become your new uniform.
    • Mood swings – emotional roller coaster you can’t get off. Your kids and partner have the pleasure of being on the other end of this more then anyone else.
    • Breast tenderness – swollen sore breasts for 3-14 days prior to your period. They might look better being swollen and one cup larger but God forbid you or anyone else touches them because they HURT!
    • Insomnia – lying awake and you cannot get to sleep or waking up between 2-4 am and unable to get back to sleep. Each night you stare at your partner sleeping soundly away, the jerk!
    • Anxiety and or depression – doctor prescribes you anti depressants. Which kills your last remaining sliver of a sex drive and makes you even more fat.
    • Low libido – AKA zero sex drive. This is awesome on your relationship. 
    • Dry vagina – oh what fun sex is now!
    • Weight Loss resistance – doesn’t matter how much you exercise or how little you eat the weight won’t budge. This is the most frustrating thing, EVER!
    • Trouble concentrating and formulating words – you feel like a tongue tied idiot.
    • Heavy menstrual cycles – going through a tampon every 10 minutes wondering if you are soon going to bleed out and die if it continues.

    ….and the list goes on!

  • “I can't thank you enough for your guidance! As a pharmacist I was so frustrated at not being able to find a healthcare provider that would acknowledge my thyroid dysfunction. With all of your help I presented the facts to the fourth physician I had seen and I have my sanity back after using Nature Thyroid for almost five months. Your meal plans have changed my way of eating and I will forever be grateful and recommend you to everyone.”
    Amanda Haase


    When we hit age 40 and up (sometimes as young as 35 it can start), our hormones start to go haywire!

    All of which can cause sudden weight gain and a whole slew of the symptoms above.

    This is called perimenopause and YES it often starts in our late 30’s and early 40’s! 

    Perimenopause can last anywhere from 1-10 years. Once your menstrual cycle stops for 1 year you are technically menopausal. But unfortunately for many women the side effects of our hormone depletion are still felt throughout their menopausal years. 

    Once we begin perimenopause and beyond, what would normally help us lose weight (healthy eating and exercise) suddenly no longer works!

  • In the OnTrack group, we help you to determine which hormones are out of balance and what you can do about it!

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  • BUT here is what most women do when they get hormonal weight gain;

    • Cut their calories
    • Lower their carbs or eliminate them altogether
    • Exercise more
    • Intermittent fast more often
    • Cut out food groups 
    • Move on to another “diet”


    When the truth of the matter is they need to balance their hormones in order to lose weight!


  • Follow my proven 4 step blueprint to help you balance your hormones and lose weight:

    I refer to these phases as “The Core of the Program.”

    Phase 1 Diet

    • Eat the right food In the OnTrack program, you will have access to the Hormone and Metabolic Reboot meal plan each week. See below for details on the meal plan!
    • Navigating the diet Learn how to modify the meal plans to suit you and your families needs.
    • Find your weight loss code You will discover exactly what your body needs to lose weight and keep it off.

    Phase 2 Hormone Health

    • Hormone testing Learn what hormones could be out of balance and tests you can do from home, with your doctor and through private labs. 
    • Hormone help Get the tools you need to help you balance your hormones and sail through perimenopause and beyond. Information that is NOT readily available to women. 
    • Supplements and Bioidentical Hormone TherapyDiscover the powerful options you have when it comes to using supplements and natural hormone therapy. 
    • Lower stressStress is one of the number one causes of hormone imbalances. Access to meditations and mindfulness techniques to help lower your stress. PLUS access to our two-part series on resilience taught by Heart Math Practitioner Chris Patton.
    • Access to hormone experts You will have the opportunity to get coached by Karen Martel Certified Nutrition Coach and hormone expert in our bi-weekly coaching calls.

    Phase 3 The Mind-Body Connection 

    • Exercise and spiritual practiceBest exercises for the mind and body.
    • Emotional eating habitsHow to identify emotional eating patterns and what you can do about it.
    • Limiting beliefsStep by step program on how to identify the beliefs that are holding you back. How to move past them and go after your goals in life. 
    • Intuitive eatingLearn how to tune into your body when it comes to your hunger.

    Phase 4 Digging deeper

    • Discover the root causeWhen diet and exercise are not enough and you need to dig deeper to discover the root cause of hormone imbalances.
    • Where to go from here Troubleshooting weight loss plateaus and anything else that has come up. Taking a deeper dive into certain conditions like hypothyroidism, immune system, weight loss resistance, insulin resistance etc. 


  • “I was sick all the time, suffering from migraines, bronchitis, acne, severe endometriosis and I was exhausted all the time. Karen’s guidance and program has helped me regain my health and my confidence again.
    Now my endometriosis is under control and menstrual cycle is normal for the first time in my life.I lost 30lbs, I have been able to keep the weight off for the last few years.” Kristen Tozer



    “The changes began within 3 days, nothing I have ever tried has given me this kinds of results. I have lost a total of 16 pounds and 6 inches and regained about 50% more energy!” Tanya

    “I have kept up with your diet which has just become my regular eating habits now. I’ve continued with a fairly regular exercise regime but mostly just stay active with my 2 dogs. Here is my 2 year progress photo! Thank you so much for your help in truly changing my life!” Natalie

    “I was doing everything “right,” however I had gained almost 20 pounds in a year. In addition to the weight gain, I was suffering from fatigue and insomnia.  I did not have the time or energy to work out twice a day. After four months, I had lost the 20 pounds that I had gained. I no longer have to fight through fatigue every day or drink multiple cups of coffee in the afternoon just to manage.” Sarah

  • OnTrack


  • Here is what could happen to you in the OnTrack program

    • Your diet is no longer a short term diet but a lifestyle YOU LOVE!
    • When you hop on the scale the weight is actually coming off!
    • You have control over your choices and your body.
    • You stepped off the hormonal roller coaster and your mood is finally steady.
    • Your sex drive….well there’s actually a DRIVE!
    • You are finally putting yourself first in life and because of that, your stress lowers and you feel like your self again.

    You know 100% you have burned the dieting wagon for life! You feel confident, in control and inspired!


  • If the only thing you got from the OnTrack program was

    • A better understanding of how to effectively lose weight, it’d be worth it!
    • Balanced hormones, it’d be worth it!
    • A community of like-minded women to lean on, it’d be worth it!
    • Weight loss, IT’D BE WORTH IT!

    Not only does the OnTrack program provide each of those things, but it also provides much more!

  • On Track definition: "If someone is on track they are acting or progressing in way that is likely to result in success."

  • Here is how we get you OnTrack

    • Step #1 Follow the 4 step blueprint In your own time go through each phase of the program to balance your hormones and successfully lose weight. (est.5-20minutes a week)
    • Step #2 participate in group coaching sessions
      Get the help you need with certified nutritionist, hormone and weight loss expert Karen Martel! Bi-weekly coaching calls.
    • Step #3 bust through weight loss plateausGet help mastering your weight with our one of kind weight loss resistance course. Includes an in-depth course on balancing hormone’s including thyroid, finding your carb tolerance, how to identify food intolerances and much more.
    • Step #4 opt-in to take one of our online courses
      Opt-in to take advantage of our FREE courses to enhance your results like the 21 Day Find Your weight loss code! (Over $1000 in free bonuses!)

  • The Hormone and Metabolic Reboot Plan

    “Karen I just have to tell you how much I enjoy your HMR meal plans. These are some of the best recipes I’ve tried and the meals are very well thought out (ease of preparation, ingredients, leftovers, etc). So thank YOU!” Shellie Dupuis

    The Hormone and Metabolic Reboot (HMR) meal plan is everything a woman needs in a meal plan to successfully lose weight, help balance hormone’s and avoid the dreaded weight loss plateaus!

    What is the HMR plan?

    Fasting, calorie counting, low carb, high carb, vegan, paleo, keto? There is so much information out there on how to lose weight it can be very overwhelming! Unfortunately most women are doing it WRONG and are often harming themselves rather then helping themselves. 

    Did you know that too much fasting and calorie restriction will slow down your metabolism and make you GAIN weight? That’s right but if you don’t have some sort of caloric restriction your body won’t lose weight. Confusing I know! 

    That is why I developed the HMR meal plan to help you avoid those pitfalls while still reaping the benefits of calorie restriction for weight loss. The HMR plan takes all of the guess work out of what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it! 

    Here is how we get you the best results possible for weight loss and hormone balancing through FOOD!

    Carb Cycling

    *Each week we vary the amount of carbs you will be eating. It will range from 5 grams up to 125 grams.

    1-2 Moderate to High Carb Days a Week

    The science
    Eating enough carbohydrates at the right time resets metabolism and signals the body to produce enough hormones, such as thyroid and leptin, which help keep you at a healthy weight. It also helps protect you against unnecessary stressors that can be caused by too much fasting and eating too low carb. 

    5-6 Low Carb Days a Week

    The science
    Eating a low carb diet may help prevent or improve serious health conditions, such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. It is one of the best ways to lose weight, reduce your appetite and lower inflammation.

    Minimal Snacks

    The science
    When you eat every few hours you never give your body’s insulin a chance to drop. When insulin drops you can burn your fat stores! YOUR BODY CAN NOT BURN YOUR FAT STORES WHEN INSULIN IS PRESENT! In the HMR plans you will get one optional snack a day in order to help drop insulin levels and activate lypolisis (the breakdown of fats and other lipids by hydrolysis to release fatty acids.)

    Calorie Cycling

    Each week the amount of calories you eat day to day will vary widely. We will utilize the weight loss benefits of very low calorie and balance those days with a regular caloric intake in order to prevent your metabolism from slowing down.

    The science

    Chronically reducing your calories is scientifically proven to slow your metabolism. However the body will lose weight initially on a calorie restricted diet. Caloric restriction diets only work in the short-term, before basal metabolism falls in response. Daily calorie restriction fails because it puts you into metabolic slowdown. You must utilize it in short bursts the best and safest way to do that is via fasting.


    Each week will have different lengths and days of intermittent fasting.

    The science

    Changing the length of the fasting window each week will help avoid the dreaded weight loss plateaus. Our bodies are very adaptive which means what works at first for weight loss will stop working over time because your body will adjust and adapt to what you are doing. Keeping the body guessing is one of the best tools to use to avoid weight loss plateaus.

    Fasting has the following benefits:

    • Promotes Blood Sugar Control by Reducing Insulin Resistance.
    • Promotes Better Health by Fighting Inflammation.
    • May Enhance Heart Health by Improving Blood Pressure, Triglycerides and Cholesterol Levels.
    • May Boost Brain Function and Prevent Neurodegenerative Disorders.
    • Detoxes the body. When no food is consumed by the body, the body turns to the fat deposits for energy, which releases chemicals from the fatty reserves and results in the eradication of these chemicals through the organs.
    • Can help with weight loss.
    • Can help you avoid overeating as it regulates the hunger hormone levels – ghrelin.
    • Can be anti-aging! The mechanism of autophagy involves the synthesis and recycling of cellular components by the degradation of unnecessary cells. It gets promoted during fasting. This leads to the production of healthier cells and tissues throughout the body, leading to healthier skin.
    Primal Diet

    The foods in the HMR plan are all primal based foods. It will rotate between keto and paleo based recipes. There will be an emphasis on hormone balancing foods like good fats, fiber and plenty of vegetables!

    The science

    Research shows that diets that emphasize whole foods are better for weight loss and overall health. They are more filling, have fewer calories and reduce the intake of processed foods, which are linked to many diseases.

    Download your FREE sample HMR plan

    Meal plan: Breakfast, lunch and snack is for one serving and dinner is for four.

    Each week you will get a new meal plan with a new protocol for the week that implements different fasting times and carb cycling. See above for details.

    Download Now


  • Bonuses!

    • Heads Up Health Membership

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    • Intro to the Carnivore Diet Program

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    • Motivational Mini-Challenges

    Choose to participate in group challenges held throughout the year to help keep you motivated! (Value over $500!)


    • 30 Day Hormone Detox and Reset
    • Clean Keto Detox
    • Mid-Summer Detox
    • Meditation Challenge
    • Liver/Gallbladder Weight Loss Challenge
  • Heads Up Health

    The Ultimate Tracking Software

    Upon registration each member will have the option to open up their own Heads Up Health membership for FREE ! This data-driven platform makes it easy for us to track your progress and make sure you get the results you are looking for!

    Heads Up Health integrates the best health devices and apps on the market. Track your weight, hormones, blood sugar, thyroid, steps, activity, sleep, temperature, meditation, fasting hours and MORE!

    Track what hacks work best for your unique physiology

    • Heads Up Health provides advanced metrics you need to properly analyze your health. Does lower blood sugar lead to faster weight loss? Can meal timing improve your deep sleep? Does fasting reduce inflammation?
    • Connect all of your devices into one dashboard including Oura, Apple Health, Keto-Mojo, FitBit, BioStrap, MyFitnessPal, EliteHRV and other premium devices and apps.
    • Learn which factors drive YOUR unique physiology.

    Master Your Medical Records
    Heads Up uses state-of-the-art electronic health records technology to instantly centralize and organize your complete medical history.

    • Electronically integrate your medical records from thousands of health systems, doctor’s offices and laboratories.
    • See trends in your medical history across all your current and past providers.
    • See how your lifestyle modifications (diet, sleep, exercise, stress etc.) affect clinical markers of health and disease.
    • Track all of your lab results and have them looked over by Karen Martel to get the advice that you need to reach success!
  • Don’t let this happen to you…

    Spend the rest of your life hating your body and searching for a magic weight loss cure that doesn’t exist.

    Continue gaining weight especially around the belly.

    Lose your motivation in life and feel hopeless and down.

    Accept that this is your destiny: to be fat, foggy and miserable.


  • "I now have so much more energy! I have mental clarity like I have never had before, and all aspects of my life – both mentally and physically are much improved. Over the course of 10 months, I lost 26 pounds and 10 inches."
    " I am down 10lbs since starting. Your food list and menu is so attainable, no crazy stuff you have to go hunting for. I love your informative videos that you do and the guests that you bring on."
    "Taking the guess work out of what I should have for dinner and knowing that my daily intake has been calculated for me is a huge plus."
    Lois S.
    "I look forward to the weekly meal plans and the delicious recipes. I signed on to the OnTrack program for meal plans and ideas on weight loss and hormones but I have gotten so much more!"
    "You are in it for people and their success. It's not cookie cutter!
    "I never knew eating healthy could be so good but I am hooked. This is just the beginning of a new lifestyle for me and I have you to thank you for it! This is an amazing experience and I'm glad I tried it. "
    Sherri Bratten
    "For the first time in four years, I haven't had abdominal pain and bloating."
    Diane Tetz
    "I have so much more energy and lost 12 pounds. I am not tired at the end of the day even after work and family time."
    Jennifer Yewchyn
    Thank you so much for this opportunity with the fastest results I've ever had! I now have a brighter outlook on meal planning and making healthy choices."
    Brandee Engel
    "Karen’s program/recipes has opened a world of possibilities. When you feel trapped in calorie-counting or calorie restricted diet you feel tired, lousy and you fail. But Karen has given me options that made me feel good and satisfied."
    "I feel like I'm in control again. I can see how much better I feel eating real food. My brain is more clear, I have energy that lasts throughout the day and no longer have highs and lows. "
    Teresa Grant
    “The changes began within 3 days, nothing I have ever tried has given me this kinds of results. I have lost a total of 16 pounds and 6 inches and regained about 50% more energy!"
  • You're at the crossroads

    Most women are searching for a quick fix solution to their weight. But when it comes to hormonal weight gain there is no quick fix. 

    75% of you will click off this site and go back to searching for the easy fix and continue gaining weight.
    The rest of you will decide you are ready to do something different.

    It’s up to you, are you ready to do something different?

  • Joanne

    I was depressed and I had high blood pressure and was diagnosed with IBS. I was tired all the time and just very frustrated with myself. I am pretty sure I tried every diet out there. Would loss some weight but never lasted for long then I gained it all back plus more. It was a viscous cycle. So I contacted Karen….

    I have lost over 30 pounds, my blood sugar levels have dropped and my cholesterol numbers have now dropped to normal levels which meant the doctor did not have to put me on medications. I have also been able to lower the amount of blood pressure meds I was taking. I no longer suffer with systems of IBS.

    The monthly cost is nothing compared to what I have paid in the past and this time I am truly making a lifestyle change.
    Everyone needs to do this for themselves , you will not regret it.


    My fasting blood glucose was high at 7.1. I was the heaviest I had ever been (275+ lbs). Tired and depressed.

    Fast-forward to when Karen was starting her hormone challenge in OnTrack. I originally signed up “just for the month” of the challenge. Well, was my mind blown! 
    • I lost about 15 lbs between September and December.
    • My sleeping started to improve
    • My neck skin tags lessened in amount and in colouring going from dark brown to more normal skin tone.
    • Another skin issue has lessened as has the dratted dark chin whiskers that sprout!

    My fasting blood test was lower at 6.3 (down a whole point from two years before) and my ferritin was at 68 (up 35 points from two years ago). My cholesterol tests are great. 

    I enjoyed the content of the hormone challenge so much that I wanted to continue in the OnTrack program.  I have lost 10 more lbs. 
    With my doctor’s knowledge, since September, I have decreased one of my sleep/depression meds by 75%. 
    Karen goes above and beyond with trying to help you become the best you can be, looking at all aspects of wellness.
    I highly recommend Karen’s programs to others.

  • My message for women


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