• Meal plan is delivered through email. You will also have access to a private membership site where the weekly meal plan will be posted for easy access. All group coaching sessions will be done via our private Facebook page. If you are not on Facebook no worries each of the coaching sessions will be posted in the members hub afterwards. All other content is delivered through our private members hub online.

    • Click on the registration button and it will lead you to a membership form to fill out.

    • You will be charged depending on which membership you purchased; monthly every 30 days, quarterly-every 90 days.

    • Yes as sad as we would be to see you go, absolutely you can cancel anytime. You can also rejoin at any point as well. You can manage your account from inside the members hub with just a click of a button.

    • No OnTrack registration is open for limited times throughout the year.

    • No you don’t. You are free to participate in the group as much as you want or as little as you want.

    • Unfortunately I can’t customize every meal plan to each member. You can download the weekly plans so that you can have access to old ones if there is something that you don’t like in a certain plan.

    • Yes there is a 30-day program that is included. We also have an in house personal trainer who can create customized plans to meet your needs. There is an extra cost for her services.

    • I am very hands-on and will be there to answer your questions. I encourage all participants to either post or send in their questions and I will answer them within a 48 hr period or during our bi-week Q&A sessions. If questions require privacy and/or cannot be answered via messaging then I will suggest booking a private session. I will provide all members with a discounted price on private coaching if it is something they feel they require.

    • No you are welcome to mix and match from old meal plans or add in your own favorite meals. I will provide you with a meal planning template to help you create your own.

    • The price will still remain the same regardless of how much you decide to take away from the program.

    • Yes I offer a 14 day money back guarantee.

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